"My parents were immigrants from Vietnam. They’d been through a war, and they didn’t want their child to go through the same hardships they went through, so they tried to control my life as much as possible. For them, control was love. But I had to move away from it."
paige i'm sorry if this is a stupid question and obviously feel free not to answer it but could you explain the difference between trans and trans* and why the asterisk is no good? i know (i think?) it has something to do with nonbinary exclusion but i'm not sure and google is being unhelpful??


this isn’t a stupid question at all! it has more to do with the over inclusion of white nb folk and exclusion of trans women, tbh.

it’s also harmful to indigenous non cis folk, tho i cant find good source for that. also my apologies bc i have noticed that most if not all those link are sourced to white ppl and this more affects twoc. if there are other links ppl would like to share or viewpoints. please feel free.

also i super appreciate that you tried to find this stuff before asking about it, thank you!

In one study, participants were asked to rank the humor in various cartoon captions. Half of the captions had been written by men, and half by women. When not told who wrote what, the participants judged them almost equally funny. In fact, based on the scores given in this experiment, men are just 2.2 percent more likely to be funny than women. Yet 90 percent of the participants agreed with the stereotype that men are funnier. Talk about a mind-bogglingly huge difference in perception versus reality.

And it gets weirder — when the participants were asked which gender they thought wrote a caption, the funnier ones were almost always assumed to be by men and the less funny ones by women. This might be expected, considering their stated bias. Even when told the name and gender of the person who wrote each caption, within a short time the participants started misattributing the funny ones to men. In other words, even when they knew that women had written some of the funniest captions, the bias that men are funnier was so ingrained that it made them misremember who had written what.